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Frequently Asked Questions page

Question: Why is not all material on your TV-channel available for free?

Answer: Creating TV-interviews and producing TV-specials costs a lot of time, effort and money. Not just the preperation and reading time involved to ask the right questions, but especialy the equipment, transport, arranging the time and place for the interview, the set-up for sound, cameras and light, the actual filming with multiple Full HD cameras and the many days of work needed for editing, montage and production! Maintaining the website on a yearly basis and the costs for having to run many full HD video's on dedicated server space also doesn't come cheap.

We have no sponsors or money coming in from advertisments or other jobs. Please understand you are actually supporting us if you watch our movies and interviews and share the word if you appreciate them. We work hard to offer you inspirational, motivating, consciousness raising and transformational information and tools, brought by many exceptional speakers, authors, scientists and teachers all over the world. It is only through your contributions we can keep up doing our work! And also realize you are also supporting the work of all other contributors who's material and information we put out on our TV-channel.

We do offer free short videos of most TV-interviews and talks, which are also available on our website. Also, our videos cost only 1 Euro to watch, which shouldn't break the bank for any person in the world that would like to watch them. Besides that we also offer special contribution fees that are even more lucrative, in case you would want to watch all of our videos.


Question: Can i also buy a HealingSoundMovement TV Subscription by using Ideal?

Answer: Yes! You cn buy a subscription and pay with either Ideal, Paypal, Creditcard and other payment methods.


Question: Why do i have to use Paypal or Ideal to be able to see the free videos on your website?

Answer: We offer many free videos for you to watch. Our software allows to play back our copyright protected material on a dedicated server. The software works with Paypal (you can set up your own personal and safe and reliable account - in which case you can also buy a video coupled to your own bank account, besides using your credit card - or in case you do not choose to use an own Paypal account you can use the Paypal website itself and pay with your credit card) and you can choose to 'buy/watch' a video choosing the 0 Euro option.

So you either purchase the full length material (only 1 Euro per video item) or choose for the free video option (0 Euro 'purchase') with Paypal. 


Question: How do i set up a Paypal account?

Answer: Very easy, just follow the following steps, see here: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/account-setup

Once you have set up your personal, reliable and safe Paypal account, you are able to watch all the free material or purchase one or more of all the other material (TV-interviews, TV-specials, TV-debates, lectures and so on). You can also couple you bank account to Paypal, so you can choose to pay with your credit card or your bank pass, here's how to do this: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/helpcenter/article/?solutionId=10327

(for Dutch viewers, go to: https://www.paypal.com/nl/webapps/mpp/home. Hier kun je gratis, eenoudig en betrouwbaar eenmailig een account aanmaken. Je kunt ook je bankrekening of girorekening koppelen aan je Paypal account, zodat je met je credit card kunt afrekenen maar ook met je betaalpas kunt betalen! Zie hier hoe je je bank/giro rekening en pas eenvoudig kunt koppelen aan je Paypal account: https://www.paypal.com/nl/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=xpt/Marketing/general/NLDDInstructions-outside. Als je deze eenmalige acties hebt gedaan, hoef je alleen nog maar in te loggen op je Paypal account (met je naam en wachtwoord die je zelf hebt opgegeven bij het aanmaken van je account) om overal in de wereld online betalingen te kunnen doen en meer.)